Mystake Affiliate Program


Affiliate systems such as Mystake affiliates are becoming more popular in the gaming industry. To put it another way, affiliate marketing entails luring gamblers to visit certain casinos. In exchange for this, you will get commissions depending on the amount of money that your customers deposit. You have the potential to make commissions just by leading folks to the appropriate casino given the large number of individuals who take pleasure in playing casino games as a way to spend their spare time while also taking the chance to win some money.


Mystake Affiliate program

The Mystake Affiliates Program gives participants the opportunity to earn commissions by marketing the casino on social media channels, websites, YouTube, and any other platform they want. Let's go through each of the processes involved in figuring out how the affiliate program works.

So, Mystake is a gambling site that offers a huge variety of games. It has as many as 6000 slot machines, live casino shows, sports betting, and, most significantly, a selection of minigames.

Have you ever heard of chicken, the dinosaur, the icefield yeti, or the Armada? Mystake is responsible for the rise in popularity of each of these games.

Don’t know how to start?

Visit the Mystake casino, look for the part that is dedicated to the Affiliate program, and submit your application there. It is possible that you will not get an email message from the Mystake team for around twenty-four hours. There is a remote possibility that the email may be marked as spam. Check it out for yourself as well.

When you provide a response to one of their questions, you will be granted access to your affiliate account and will be able to get referral links from that account. When encouraging new gamers to join, you should always make use of referral links. If someone signs up by using your affiliate link, they will be connected to your affiliate account, and you will be able to earn income on any sales that result from this connection.

You may get in touch with your affiliate manager by either email, Telegram, or Skype if you ever have any difficulties or want support.


Mystake affiliate program's commissions

The amount of the commission that Mystake charges is up for discussion and negotiation. However, everything is contingent on the channels you use, the website you use, the country you advertise in, and the games you promote

If you are just starting out and don't have a significant following, your income share will begin at 35%, but it has the potential to climb all the way up to 50% depending on how well your videos do (number of registrations and deposits).

Non Gamstop Casino Websites list has always had MyStake in the Top positions, since their conversion rate is the highest in the industry. One of the greatest example is the site:

At Mystake, there are a few different sorts of commission schemes, including the following:

  • ·         Revenue Share
  • ·         CPA
  • ·         Hybrid

Let's talk about each one of them.

Revenue share

The lifetime income comes from the revenue share. Commissions are available to be earned so long as there are active gamers on your site.

The NGR is the source of the revenue sharing (net gaming revenue). Bets minus winnings minus bonuses minus admin fee equals net gaming revenue. The difference between the amount of money your players win and the amount of money they lose is your net income. For instance, your revenue share is 35% of total sales. You will get 35 EUR/USD if your net revenue comes to 100 EUR/USD.

When you have regular gamers, revenue sharing is the greatest option for a commission structure to use.

CPA (cost per acquisition)

The initial deposit made by a player is taken into account when calculating the CPA. CPA can only be triggered once, when a player makes their very first deposit, while revenue share may be earned whenever there is a new deposit made by one of your players at any time. Note that there may be a baseline—a basic deposit amount that is required for CPA to be activated.

Take, for instance, the case where you have a CPA of 40 EUR and a baseline of 20 EUR. This implies that you will only get 40 EUR if the player who you referred makes a first deposit of at least 20 EUR.

The CPA might vary from nation to country. There are also many degrees of CPA. It is possible that you will not wish to obtain commissions that are modest if you have a significant number of deposits. Therefore, the commissions you are eligible to get from new customers will vary according on the quantity of their first investment.

Hybrid deal

The hybrid arrangement includes both a cost-per-acquisition and a revenue-share component. This type of bargain does not come up very often. In order to qualify for this commission plan, you must first have participated in the Mystake affiliate program for an extended period of time.

Promoting Mystake

You are free to advertise Mystake in any setting. Have you written anything regarding gambling on your website? Do you have a social page or groups that you think could be interested in games from Mystake? After that, you may most certainly begin from that point.

To the best of our knowledge, Mystake provides an opportunity to anybody. There won't be an issue if you don't have any followers, so don't worry about that. Through promotion of Mystake, you may get new followers.

You could, for instance, establish pages on Tiktok, Instagram, or YouTube and broadcast videos on those platforms. Then you should set up a group or channel on Telegram, WhatsApp, and Discord for your subscribers, so that your followers may talk about their experiences with one another.

Funds for Streaming

If you are unable to play games or produce videos due to a lack of finances, you have the option to request streaming money. It goes without saying that you won't be able to remove it. On the other hand, you may demonstrate your audience how they should play games or place bets via the production of movies and live broadcasts.

Affiliate program payments

Payments to Mystake's affiliate partners are made on a monthly basis between the 7th and 15th of each month. On the second day of each month, they will be able to submit a payment request via their affiliate account. You have the option of receiving funds by bank transfer, Bitcoin, or tethering your USD balance to an exchange. The affiliate program uses the euro as the unit of currency for calculating commissions, and the lowest amount that may be withdrawn is 100 euros.



Mystake Affiliate Program