How To Play Dragon Tiger ?


How To Play Dragon Tiger ?

Looking for a fast action online game? You should definitely try the game of Dragon Tiger with live dealer presentation in real time. The game looks like Baccarat – players should predict which will be the hand receiving the highest card. There is standard deck of cards used in order to play Dragon Tiger with 6-8 decks in a shoe.  We can compare Dragon Tiger to another game as well, here as well as in the Casino War Dragon and the Tiger get only single card.


Rules and How to Play


The gamblers should decide on which side do they place bets, the Tiger or the Dragon. After the dealer places cards on the table, they will be revealed face up. The highest card wins. The gamblers should know that the Aces are low cards. In case of getting the same value cards, the hand is a tie and all the gamblers lose the half of their wagers. There are no other rules in this game and it’s definitely easy to play.


Player Moves


Bog and Small bets can also be placed with Dragon Tiger and players will wager on whether the Dragon or the Tiger spot will be Big, over 7, or Small, under 7. This wager will lose if either spot is a 7.

There is no need to make much moves in this game. Players just place bets on the Dragon or the Tiger side. The only thing that is different is that the gamblers can place tie bets as well. it means, they predict whether the two placed cards will be of equal value or not. The payout for tie bet is 8:1 but as the house edge is 32.7% for the tie bets, mostly they are not used. There are Big and Small bets known as well. gamblers should predict whether the spot will be higher or lower than 7. The wager loses if the spot equals to 7.


Suit Bets and Strategies for Dragon Tiger


There is one more bet possibility at Dragon Tiger game and it’s called suit bet. In case a correct suit is selected, player gets 3:1.  While the gamblers try to predict the exact suit, if a 7 is revealed, casino takes all the wagers.

As the game is very simple and has minimal rules, there are very few strategies to offer. Counting cards can be the option, but you might find it complicated as there are single cards placed each time. As for the suit bets: if three of the four suits appeared several times than a single suit, it’s highly likely that you should place a bet on that single suit. 

How To Play Dragon Tiger ?