Aero MyStake Game


What is the Aero Mystake Game?

Aero Mystake Crash Game, recently developed and published by UpGaming, has rapidly gained popularity among players worldwide. The game's protagonist is a pilot clad in dark green attire, sporting a striking mustache that catches the eye of admirers from afar. His primary mission is to sustain flight without crashing for as long as possible. As this captivating character takes to the skies, he accumulates multipliers. The longer and farther he remains airborne, the more multipliers accrue. As a player, you can place a wager ranging from 0.10 EUR / USD / BRL / GBP to 1000.00 EUR / USD / BRL / GBP before the plane embarks on its journey. Your success in the game hinges on your focus and swift reactions to cash out before the plane succumbs to technical engine errors and crashes. Multipliers can range from as low as 1.00X to an impressive 10,000X.

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How to Play Aero Casino Game?

If you're prepared to accompany the Aero pilot on his flight, simply create an account on Mystake. To participate in the Aero Casino game, you must make a real-money deposit, as each takeoff necessitates a genuine wager. It's crucial to always gamble responsibly and only bet funds you can afford to lose. After depositing funds, you can start enjoying various bonuses, including a 100% welcome offer provided by Mystake Casino. Let's explore the game's options. Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that it operates much like any other crash game, offering auto-bet and auto cash-out buttons for each round.

Additionally, you can monitor a progress bar indicating the plane's previous travel distances. These features create a user-friendly environment suitable for players of all types, whether you're playing for fun or employing a strategy to maximize your earnings!

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Rules for Playing Aero Mystake Game

The rules for the Aero Casino game are straightforward.

Let's delve into them:

  1. To win, your cashout number must be greater than 1 but less than or equal to the crash number.
  2. Your winnings are determined by multiplying the collected multiplier coefficient by your wager.
  3. The maximum multiplier is an impressive 10,000x, while the minimum stands at 1x.
  4. You have the option to place one or two bets within the same game.
  5. Each bet can be manually configured, and you can collect winnings separately for each bet.
  6. You can activate auto-collect for each bet. By setting a number greater than 1 and enabling "auto," your winnings will be automatically collected if Aero doesn't crash before reaching that number.
  7. Auto-bet functionality is also available for each wager, allowing bets to be automatically placed for every spin until you choose to deactivate it.
Aero MyStake Game